5 Minute Photo Edit with iPhone 11 Pro Max and Lightroom Mobile

 Today I'm doing a quick 5 minute edit of a photo I took on New Year's Eve in North Carolina's Fort Macon State Park. For this, I use an image that I captured using the native camera app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and edited using Lightroom Mobile. Everything about the image from start to finish was done using the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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What All Great Photographers Do | Top 5 Landscape Photography and Backpacking Goals for 2021

This one went up on YouTube back on January 3. I'm posting here a bit late. That's OK. These are my 5 photography goals for 2021.

Today I go on a bit of a trip around Croatan National Forest in Eastern North Carolina to talk about my top 5 photography and backpacking goals for 2021. Most of the goals are backpacking related...because those goals will get me out into nature to actually take the pictures. Apologies in advance since the total quality of this video isn't as good as I usually go since I had to edit using my phone. Thanks for watching.

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Landscape Photography at Pleasure House Point Virginia Beach, VA

 A few weeks ago, I took an evening walk at Pleasure House Point Nature Center in Virginia Beach. I got some really nice images that I'll post here but also a real desire to return to the area to find some more pictures.


Adventures with John & McCoy | Landscape Photography at Mount Rogers National Recreation Area

 In this video, my son and I hike to the top of Mount Rogers, taking plenty of photos along the way.

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WHY did I Never Go Here Before? | Photographing CAPE LOOKOUT Lighthouse and National Seashore

In this video I take a look at the ten best pictures that I took at Cape Lookout National Seashore on my recent trip there. Photos range from tight shots of butterflies to wide shots of the dunes and the lighthouse.

I grew up in the same county as this fantastic beach and lighthouse but I'd never gone there until about a month ago. Boy, was I missing out. The beach is fantastic. The scenery is fantastic. The relative difficulty of getting to the beach keeps the crowds down. What a beautiful place. I certainly won't go another 30 years before I return here. Thanks for watching. Please follow along on Instagram @jkmoore1120


Tony Gunn -- Ohio Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

 On this episode of Friday Evening's Undercard, we welcome our very first guest to the podcast. He's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Tony Gunn.

In this episode, he talks about his fantastic match with Abyss on OVW Episode 1016. That episode can be viewed here: Tony also talks about how he broke into the business 15 years ago, first trying to work with Memphis Championship Wrestling, when it was the WWE developmental territory, then trying to work with Ohio Valley Wrestling. Finally, he talks about the fantastic Ohio Valley Wrestling School. Information on the OVW School can be found here: If you want to reach out to Tony, whether to buy one of his t-shirts or other merchandise, or to compliment him on his stellar work in OVW, you can find him on multiple social media platforms: Instagram: @tonybgunn Twitter: @gunn_tony YouTube: Credits: Cold Open Theme: Soularflair "Industrial 2" Opening Theme: Soularflair "Cue 5" Tony Gunn Theme: Bryan Fox "The Best There Is" You can find more of his music at #tonygunn #ohiovalleywrestling #prowrestling #heavyweightchampion #abyss


Do These Lenses Suck? | Canon EF 75-300 & 28-90 REAL WORLD REVIEW for FILM PHOTOGRAPHY

 This is a review of three Canon EF kit lenses. The Canon EF 28-90 f/4-5.6, EF 75-300 f/4-5.6, and EF 75-300 f/4-5.6 USM. These are the two most basic that Canon offers, plus the USM which is a very slight upgrade.

If you have these lenses, I think it's worthwhile to do this test on your own and see how it turns out. My view is that these lenses are quite nice from about 3 feet (1 meter) out to about 20-25 feet (3-4 meters) and then it's acceptable out at infinity or for objects more than 200 yards away or thereabouts. In between that distance, I find them to be very soft. Thanks for watching. Please follow along on Instagram @jkmoore1120


Friday Evening's Undercard Episode 1 | WrestleMania 3 Part 1

 Welcome to the PREMIERE episode of Friday Evening's Undercard. On this episode, your hosts Gentleman John and Electrifying Eric take a look back at WrestleMania 3. We discuss:

-The attendance of WrestleMania 3. Was it 93,173 as WWE states? Was it 78,000 as Dave Meltzer states? Was it something in between? -A quick look at other cards WWE ran at the Silverdome. -An analysis of how WWE worked TV matches and house show/big event matches using various talent. -Finally, we take a dive into the "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat match that's been regarded as one of the best WrestleMania matches of all time? Do the hosts agree that it's one of the best ever? We'll be releasing weekly episodes. Please give us a like and subscribe. Credits: Cold Open Theme: Soularflair "Industrial 2" Opening Theme: Soularflair "Cue 5" #wrestlemania #wwe #prowrestling #wweraw #wrestling #hulkhogan #goldenage #silverdome #wwfgoldenera


SUNRISE and WATERFALL Photography in Shenandoah National Park

In this video, I go on a journey through Shenandoah National Park. I go to South River Falls to photograph the sunrise. Then I make a quick stop to hike up the high point of the Shenandoah Wilderness Area, Spitler Hill. Finally, I hike down to Hazel Falls and get some cool pictures down there. Enjoy. Oh...also, please like, subscribe, and follow me on Instagram @jkmoore1120


Norfolk BLM757 Breonna Taylor March September 23, 2020

 Video and photographs from the September 23, 2020 Breonna Taylor march in downtown Norfolk, VA.


How I Edit Film Scans in Photoshop

In this video I walk through my editing process for the image I posted on Instagram today. This was a difficult image to process because a portion of the image was badly underexposed. I really like how the final product turned out and hope you'll come along with me on the editing journey.