Nine Hole Course Ranking

This started out as a Page but since I'm changing how those are set-up, I'm moving it to a regular post that I will update as I manage to play more nine hole courses.

Since I've played many nine hole courses lately, some of which have been very good, I'm doing a separate ranking of nine hole courses. For a book recently published giving a top 25 list for nine hole courses, click here. I don't agree with every ranking in the book, and I've spoke with the author about that. Anyway, here's my ranking.

1. Sweetens Cove
2. Hooper
3. Cascades
4. Bellows Falls
5. Skyway
6. Hyatt Hills
7. Midland CC
8. Lambert's Point
9. Fenwick
10. Northwoods
11. Green Acres
12. Minerals
13. Meadowbrook
14. Fishhook
15. Fletcher's Landing
16. Pine Grove Springs
17. Cantiague Park
18. Galway

Changing Directions

 When I started this blog, shockingly ten years ago, I started because I'd just been thrown off the GolfClubAtlas discussion forum because I posted too much. Strange, I thought forums were for posting. But I initially wanted to focus on how to make golf courses more affordable, looking at the blog address, I'm sure that's no surprise. However, since then I've diversified a bit. I started writing course reviews. I have a number of those although I haven't done one in a couple years. I've started a wrestling podcast. I've started a photography and backpacking YouTube page. With all that, I've ended up with a tremendous backlog of content. Course reviews for at least 10 or 15 really solid courses. Fifty podcast episodes. Thirteen photography and backpacking videos. So, starting this week, I'm going to be posting that back content. I'm not sure how much I will post, looking at both my older content and new content that I'll be putting out. But it's coming. I'll also be working on the website to have a dedicated home page and the pages tabs at the top will have listings for the content that's being published in the various categories. Thanks for the views and support since I started this page, it's much appreciated. I hope you'll continue to give support in all the categories I'm producing.