5 Minute Photo Edit with iPhone 11 Pro Max and Lightroom Mobile

 Today I'm doing a quick 5 minute edit of a photo I took on New Year's Eve in North Carolina's Fort Macon State Park. For this, I use an image that I captured using the native camera app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and edited using Lightroom Mobile. Everything about the image from start to finish was done using the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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What All Great Photographers Do | Top 5 Landscape Photography and Backpacking Goals for 2021

This one went up on YouTube back on January 3. I'm posting here a bit late. That's OK. These are my 5 photography goals for 2021.

Today I go on a bit of a trip around Croatan National Forest in Eastern North Carolina to talk about my top 5 photography and backpacking goals for 2021. Most of the goals are backpacking related...because those goals will get me out into nature to actually take the pictures. Apologies in advance since the total quality of this video isn't as good as I usually go since I had to edit using my phone. Thanks for watching.

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Landscape Photography at Pleasure House Point Virginia Beach, VA

 A few weeks ago, I took an evening walk at Pleasure House Point Nature Center in Virginia Beach. I got some really nice images that I'll post here but also a real desire to return to the area to find some more pictures.