Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Course #200

Today I played my 200th golf course overall, East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. It was a fine capstone to this little milestone in golf courses. Overall, the course was very good. It was not the finest course I have ever played, but I knew that coming in. A full tour of the course is upcoming as soon as I can get to it.

Here is a fun breakdown of the courses played so far:

Played 2 new courses in one day: 8
Played 3 new courses in one day: 1
Played 4 new courses in one day: 1

Colors: Silver, Emerald, Gold, Scarlet...hmm, I really thought it was more than that.

Water features: Creek, Bay, Harbor, Brook, Lake, River, Bayou, Loch

Land features: Park, Banks, Shoreline, Point, Hills, Landing, Farms, Ridge, Hollow, Meadow, Plantation, Farm, Mountain, Valley, Canyon, Trails, Dunes, Beach, Isle, Shores, Dunes, Pit, Forest

Plants and natural objects: Pine, Cypress, Rock, Palms, Stone, Sage, Azalea, Peach, Dogwood, Oak

Animals: Rockfish, Hummingbird, Eagle, Quail, Fox, Bear, Raptor, Rooster, Callippe, Horse, Moose, Fish

17 States

Courses beginning with every letter in the alphabet other than X, Y, and Z.

Here's to the NEXT 100 golf courses.


  1. 3 in a day in winter? That's not easy. Where ya playing?

  2. Salty- I was trying to play RTJ Grand National. I played the Lake course in under 3 hours, walking, then played 4 holes on the Links course before they sounded the lightning alarms. It actually would have been the 2nd time I played 3 courses in a day, I played all 3 at Capitol Hill earlier in January. Rode in a cart for one round, walked the other 2.

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  4. Congrats on playing your 200th golf course, great achievement Johnny. Look forward to the full tour of East Lake Golf Club!

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