Sunday, August 26, 2012

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Oxmoor Valley (Short)

This is not a terrible course for those looking to get in a little bit of practice late in the day or as an add-on round after a turn around one of the main courses. The biggest drawback to the course, and it is a huge one, is that the course is an extremely difficult walk. But overall, this is a fair course.

Holes to Note

Hole 2, 224 yards
Very long hole, the second longest on the course in fact. Played downhill to a generous green built with large fall off areas short, right and long. Certainly a difficult second hole.

Hole 5, 135 yards
Nice short hole coming on the heels of three real beasts. But this hole is no sleeper being played into an undulated green with a large fall off long of the green.

Hole 14, 253 yards
This longest par 3 on the course is also the poorest routed hole on the course. The tee is slightly above the level of the green, but there is a 110 feet deep depression between the tee and green that the player must walk down and back up in order to reach the green. This is an exceptionally poorly routed hole, though the fun in playing a very long par 3 like this can make up for that slightly.
This image not taken from the back markers

This is a fair course overall. Not as much variety as could be done with a par 3 course, but it's nothing terrible either. Could have been routed much better though. 3 of 10

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